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KDOT Authentication & Resource
Tracking (KART)
The KDOT Standard
Drawings, Bridge Design Manuals, Design
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Downloadable Forms and Documents

1301 Request for Revision to the Functional
        Classification System

1302 Request for Project (Updated 10/07/2015)

1304 Status of Utilities

1306 Right of Way Clearance Form

Real Property Acquisition Checklist

1307 List of Permits and Status of Same

1312 Request for Non-infrastructure Project

         (updated 11/06/2015)

1313 Request for Payment (updated 12/07/2015)

1325 "KLINK" Application Form

1326 "KLINK" Project 1R Recap Form

1327 "KLINK" Actual PE-Utility Cost Summary Form

1328 "KLINK" Reimbursement Summary Form

1330 Geometric Improvement Application

1332 Off System Bridge Program

Final Paid Items List (FPIL )

Subcontractor payment form 1010

City Administered Project Schedule

Real Property Acquisition For Kansas Highways, Roads, Streets and Bridges

Relocation-Your Rights and Benefits
as a Displaced Person Under the
Federal Relocation Assistance

Environmental Exemption Certification

BLP Progress Report Form

CE Selection Packet

CE Selection Attach 4A

TEAP Application

Bridge Inspection Information

Bridge Inspection Portal

Local Bridge Inspection Team Leaders

KDOT Authentication & Resource
Tracking (KART)
Local Projects Bridge Inspection Manual
Local Projects Bridge Inspection Docs and Forms
Local Projects Bridge Inspection Scope of Services

If you have questions for the Bridge Team, please email blp_bridge@ksdot.org

Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program

Program Guidelines

Project Request Form

Project Reimbursement Request Form

2014 Bridge Improvement Program Funded Projects

Bridge Improvement Program Funded Projects Map 2014