Office of Public Transportation - Grant Applications


Legal Notice

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Office of Public Transportation is now accepting applications for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) programs:

  • U.S.C. 49-5310 – Specialized Transportation for the Elderly and Disabled
  • U.S.C. 49-5311 – General Public Transportation in Non-urbanized Areas

This application is to fund agency needs for State Fiscal Year 2017 (July 01, 2016 through June 30, 2017). The application is required annually from ALL KDOT funded 5310, 5311 transit provider agencies including those not requesting capital and/or operating expenses. 

PLEASE NOTE: The application process for State Fiscal Year 2017 has changed. Be sure to read this entire notice for important details on how to apply for funding. Application packets will no longer be accepted by mail.

The purpose of the U.S.C. 49-5310 program is to provide funds to support private non-profit corporations and authorized governments to provide transportation services to meet the special needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities. Federal funding under this program is available for capital expenditures only. State funding is available for operating expenses with the maximum award set by KDOT.

The purpose of the U.S.C. 49-5311 program is to provide funds to support rural and non-urbanized (cities less than 50,000 population) public transportation projects. The goal of the U.S.C. 49-5311 program is to provide services to the general public on an equal opportunity basis. Funds can be used for either operating or capital expenses.

The State funding for urban and rural public transportation for the State fiscal year (SFY) 2017 is budgeted at $11 million. 

Applicants for 5310 and 5311 funds must be local units of government, Indian Tribes, or private non-profit organizations registered with the Kansas Secretary of State to do business in Kansas. In addition, all applicants must be an active member in good standing of their Coordinated Transit District (CTD) in order to receive funding.  Those agencies applying for funds in the metropolitan areas of Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka and Wichita need to contact their respective Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to ensure that their application request is included in the MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).


The Office of Public Transportation is currently implementing a new grants management system that will streamline applying for new funding as well as make required reporting for agencies in our programs much easier.

To that end, all agencies, new or returning, must request funding application materials by emailing the Office of Public Transportation at PTAPPS@ksdot.orgTHIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RECEIVE AN APPLICATION, AND THIS WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO SIGN UP FOR TRAINING AND TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE NEW SYSTEM. Your email should include what program or programs you are applying to, the full legal name of your organization, the full name, title and contact information for your agency’s primary representative, including email and phone. Please include the name, title, email address, and phone number of any other agency representatives that will require system training.  

Once you receive your application packet via email from the Office of Public Transportation, please fill it out at your convenience, and then hold on to it – DO NOT SEND YOUR APPLICATION BACK TO KDOT. One of the main goals of our new system is to eliminate the need for application packages to be mailed in to our offices. You will need the information you compile in your packet to complete your application online.

We are in the process of establishing a combination of regional meetings and online webinar training sessions through our new grants management software company, Panther International. Upon receipt of your email request and within three (3) weeks of October 1, 2015, we will notify you of your training options. This training is mandatory for each applicant agency and it is where you will receive your access information for the new system. You will be quickly trained on how to complete and submit your funding application online as well as how to submit your monthly ridership and expense reports. 

The Office of Public Transportation at KDOT understands that the process for applying for funding is very different this year, and as such we have extended the deadline for application submission to December 16, 2015. The CTD and KDOT contact lists will remain available on the website. Any potential applicants that do not have internet access can request an application by contacting the KDOT Public Transit office at (785) 296-4907. 

Once provided, applications must indicate whether the request is for replacement vehicles, an expansion of services currently provided, a new start application, or if the application is for the funding of only operating assistance.  “New Start” is defined as any proposed service that was not previously in existence. “Expansion” defined as adding transit service to areas not already receiving services (for example: providing services to new locations or adding evening and weekend service.)

KDOT has developed selection criteria to be used by the Kansas Coordinated Transit District Council (KCTDC) in evaluating the capital request applications.  The applications will be ranked by the KCTDC in January 2016. After the application ranking by the KCTDC, KDOT staff will use the selection criteria in their evaluation of the applications. It should be noted that all items on the application must be completed. Points will be deducted in the ranking process for missing or incomplete information.

All applications must be received to KDOT online by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact State Public Transportation Manager Mike Spadafore at (785) 296-4907 or at