Managing Kansas' Roadsides

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) maintains more than 150,000 acres of highway right-of-way. That amounts to a lot of grass to mow, brush and weeds to control, and land to maintain. Some of this roadside land is located in the medians of divided highways and the interiors of interchanges. Some of it borders homes and businesses. To be a "good neighbor," KDOT works closely with the Department of Wildlife and Parks, the Natural Resource Conservation Services and conservation groups to develop a responsive roadside management program.

This program has benefitted many. Some of the major benefits of this policy include:

Fewer accidents by KDOT mowers on dangerous slopes

Reduced mowing saves money for tax payers and KDOT

Pleasing roadside appearance

Less erosion of roadsides

Restricts growth of unwanted vegetation

Provides cover for small wildlife

KDOT spends approximately 6.7 million dollars annually on mowing. It is done for safety, vegetation control, improved drainage, and aesthetic reasons.

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