Kansas Airport Improvement Program

A ten year $30 million ( $3 million per year) airport assistance program is a component of the 1999 Kansas Comprehensive Transportation Program.

  • Airport Eligibility
    The program is open to public-use airports in Kansas except those classified as "primary" airports.
  • Project Eligibility
    Scope of eligible projects
    a. Runway projects
    b. Taxiway and ramp projects
    c. Facilities and Equipment
    • Lighting equipment
    • Automated weather equipment
    • Navigation equipment
    • Communication equipment
    d. Airport Planning
  • Projects must be the sponsor's top priority need
    Projects must be capable of completion in one year (no phased projects)
    State funding cannot be used to leverage federal assistance project
  • Funding Limits 
    • The maximum state participation in any project is $1,000,000.
  • Sponsor Participation
    State/Sponsor match is determined by the sponsor's population.
    Sponsors whose population is less than 3,000 will participate at a 90% state and 10% sponsor match.
  • Sponsors whose population is at least 3,000 but less than 10,000 will participate at a 75% state and 25% sponsor match.
  • Sponsors with population greater than 10,000 will participate at a 50%/50% match.
  • Grant Application Process
    Applications will be solicited annually.
  • Application closing date will be early fall followed by the selection process to allow sponsors time to budget and solicit bids for the following construction season.
  • Sponsors are encouraged to review the proposed projects with the Division of Aviation prior to submission of applications.
  • Application Form MSWord File
  • Additional Grant Information
    Attach any information or documentation to the application that you wish to be considered in evaluating the request. Such items might include; engineering plans, economic impact statements, in-kind work, local support, situations unique to the project, and benefits derived. These items may be in a narrative form with focus on specifics and avoiding generalities.

    It is expected that projects will vary greatly in cost and complexity. Sponsors are encouraged to review the proposed project with the Division of Aviation. Smaller projects may not require engineering or pre-planning that would be required for major runway rehabilitation projects. Sponsors will be responsible for all preliminary engineering and construction activities including plan preparation and letting of a contract. A contractual agreement will be executed between the Sponsor and the Kansas Department of Transportation that encompasses the work to be accomplished.

Send Applications to:

Kansas Department of Transportation
Division of Aviation
700 SW Harrison
Topeka, Ks 66603-3754
Phone 785-296-2553
Fax 785-296-3833
E-mail: KDOT#Aviation@ks.gov