Bureau of Right of Way


Vegetation Management for Outdoor Advertising Signs



  • To maintain highway beautification in conjunction with sustainable roadside maintenance programs; protect public investments in roadside vegetation; and to acknowledge the advertising industry's desire to maintain advertising displays located adjacent to the right-of-way on any interstate or state highways for the benefit of the general traveling public.

  • To devise a means for owners or operators of legal conforming/non-conforming advertising signs to submit a request for vegetation management for maintaining visibility of such signs and establish the criteria and process to be used by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) in the evaluation of the request.


  • Kansas Statues Annotated K.S.A., 68-2231 et seq.; Kansas Administrative Procedure Act K.S.A., 77-501 et seq.; K.S.A., 68-2232(y); K.S.A. 68-404; K.S.A., 2-1314.


    3) SCOPE:

  • All sign owners with KDOT licensed outdoor advertising signs adjacent to the right-of-way on any interstate or state highways who wish to maintain vegetation within KDOT's right-of-way in a manner calculated to provide visibility for their signs, will be required to comply with this policy. To provide for the consistent maintenance of KDOT right-of-way, this process and criteria will be used by all of the permit review personnel in KDOT.

  • This policy does not permit vegetation control on the sections of the interstate controlled or maintained by the Kansas Turnpike Authority. In addition, this policy strictly prohibits activity on the state highway right-of-way that involves vegetation control of any kind to any area that is on private property. This prohibition includes the trimming, cutting, or pruning of any vegetation that overhangs state highway right-of-way from private property. (NOTE: This policy does not apply to requests to trim or remove selected vegetation that screens on-premise signs or places of business.)



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